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Let yourself be tempted by the culinary creations of our Executive Chef at Café Bellagio: local produce, aromatic herbs, authentic regional recipes – generous gourmet traditional French cuisine that follows the natural rhythm of the seasons.

The dishes offered on our Seasonal Menu are created entirely in house from raw products & traditional cooking products according to the standards of the “Fait Maison” label established by the Fédération Romande des Consommateurs (FRC), GastroSuisse, the Semaine du Goût & Slow Food.

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Meet our chef

Charlélie Cacheux, Executive Chef 

«Born into a family of hoteliers for several generations, Chef Charlélie Cacheux discovered cooking at an early age as he watched his grandmother cook & pass down her love of flavour & quality produce to him. He began his career with Chef François Cornil, familiarising himself with the cuisine of the Lorraine region. He then crossed the Atlantic to join Jérôme Ferrer’s brigade in Canada.

Resident in Switzerland for several years, he has had the opportunity to learn as second Chef to the likes of Michel Gatinois & Sébastien Brun. Today, he heads the Café Bellagio restaurant at the Royal Plaza Montreux & Spa. Hedonistic & generous, he is modest regarding his talent. He wants to preserve traditional, quality cuisine while adding a touch of spontaneity. »

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